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Islam, Muslims, Mosques, Koran in Poland

The aim of 'planetaislam' is to give pure and clear information about Islam, based on the Noble Qur'an and the blessed Sunnah of Muhammad (sal allahu aleyhi wa sallam), as understood by the salaf-us-saleh. By this I hope to do my duty to Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) and spread His message among the Polish speaking people.

In this English section you will find articles about Islaam in Poland. These articles do not represent the teachings of al-Islaam, rather they are portraying the situation of the muslims in Poland. For those wishing to find authentinc information on Islaam I reccommend the following sites:

Islam in Poland

Learn more about the 600 year long history of Islam in Poland, the different Muslim organisations and Mosques, please read:
The Situation Report

Find addresses to muslim organisations, mosques and individuals on: Islam in Poland

Prayer time table
available for most Polish Cities

Muslim Shops
find halaal products in Poland

Tatar Source
After six centuries, Poland's Muslims are still misunderstood

Tartar Nobility
in the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth

Polish Muslims
opened a mosque in Brooklyn USA in 1928

Muslims in Poland
Strength in Character

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